Square Peg ● Round Hole







I felt such relief writing my blog yesterday. Knowing that I am not alone in the struggle with selfish individuals, who continue to rock the boat of this quarantine situation. In a different time, I would ignore the behavior. Believing it truly isn’t my business. But now that it is a life or death situation, that rule is out the window. Your actions have consequences that can result in someone that I love becoming ill or possibly dying.

I normally am the first one to respond to false stories circulating social media land in an effort to share the accurate information. It is probably the journalist in me that can’t stand misinformation, especially in a crisis. I refrained yesterday, but it was difficult.

First, there was the shared misinformation regarding a Harvard scientist who was arrested in January for his part in working with the Chinese government. Now, headlines are being changed to make it appear as if he had a hand in creating the virus. That isn’t true, but individuals are sharing it all over the internet. These are people, who obviously, haven’t really researched the story. If they had, they would have seen that the headlines and information are misleading and false. But, as I pursued the internet while I was on a fact-finding mission, I refrained from sharing it. People are going to believe what they want to believe. Some people believe that bats are to blame for the spread COVID-19. Whatever. This experience dictates that fear rules and common sense drools.

Second, there have been posts that we shouldn’t judge those who go out for non-essential items because we don’t know their mental health status. It goes on to share that maybe buying flowers to plant or paint to freshen up their homes, will bring them some sort of happiness. WTAF? Let me point out, from experience, that most individuals suffering from depression, don’t usually want to leave their homes. They isolate. They withdrawal. So, I doubt they are skipping their asses to the next Home Depot. My mother suffers from depression, so I have been on the front lines for that. My senior year in high school, she barely got out bed. That post, in my opinion, is ridiculous. I wonder if those people who continue to share it, shit rainbows and butterflies with their Pollyanna attitude. Oh, and it said that we should not judge and be more compassionate. I am compassionate to all of us who are walking through this situation together. I am compassionate to all those working the front lines to keep us safe. I am compassionate to all of those who are ill with this hideous virus. However, I am not compassionate to those who blatantly put everyone at risk because they are selfish. Hello, my name is Allison Jones and I am judgmental. I own it.

Look, I get it. Everyone walks through a crisis differently. Some are living in the land of sunshine and glitter, while others decide conspiracy theories are the way to go. However, they choose to deal, I just hope they stay the fuck at home.