Square Peg ● Round Hole







Disney still hasn’t cancelled our cruise. I mean, it is in my eyes because there is no way I would be even consider going, plus the CDC has implemented a “No Sail Order” for the next 100 days. But seriously, Disney, give it up. I know what you’re doing. You are seeing who will cancel first. Well, I am going to win this round because I have nothing but time over here. Challenge accepted.

I broke the news to Bailey about our vacation and he seemed confused. This pandemic is hard for a typical individual to understand, but imagine someone with an intellectual disability. Don’t get me wrong, he has adapted well. He always does, but he misses work and his friends. He misses his cousin, his wife and their dog. He wonders if he will be playing softball this summer. The only response I can give is, “I have no idea when this will end”.

I am a planner and this world-size pause has stripped me of that. There are season tickets for football that need to be renewed. There are reservations for Parent’s weekend to be made. Talk about forcing one to simply live in the present. My calendar is empty. The biggest waste of money has been a 2020 planner.

Last night, Bailey asked me if I had ever been in quarantine. I gave him the spiel on how this is my first time too. That we have never experienced something like this in our lifetime. He seemed content with that answer and honestly, as long as his little corner of the world remains mostly intact, he is happy.

In the midst of writing this, I got an email that Ann Taylor Loft is having a sale, so I clicked on the link and bought a maxi dress. (I am a multitasker and obviously, easily distracted.) It was fifty percent off along with being super cute. After I purchased it, I was bludgeoned by the thought of why I just bought a dress when I have no where to go. Maybe my subconscious is preparing me for my release when I can see my friends in person without weird virtual backgrounds.

If you happen to be driving around and you see a woman in a very adorable maxi dress eating Jeni’s Ice Cream, wave and honk. That’s the only plan I have at the moment.