Square Peg ● Round Hole







I kid you not, yesterday, I ordered a T-shirt that says, “OMG Please make it stop 2020”. I feel like we have all been cast, without our permission, in a reality show. I imagine alien abductions are down because who the hell wants us anyway. Poor Canada. I heard they feel like they are living in an apartment above a meth lab. But, wait, there’s more.

Yesterday, I came across an article that read “Stadium-sized asteroid heading near Earth this week”. Even our solar system is sick of our shit. Sweet. Baby. Jesus. Don’t panic. It will hit 3.16 million miles away, but still, that would have been an interesting twist, and proof that their aim is really bad. However, I am so far invested in our “reality show”, that I want to know how all of this ends.

What the hell happened to those murder hornets? We could use them right now. It would be great if they were trainable, so we could target certain people. That would really spice things up. If only.

This whole year has been so unbelievable, I am almost jealous of its creativity. I could have never written a fictional book half as mind-blowing as this year has been. In fact, Stephen King probably just surrendered his career, as 2020 has trumped anything he could have written.

I am just going to buckle myself in and try not to get motion sick on this twisty roller coaster we are currently riding. 2020, you have been one evil bitch.