Square Peg ● Round Hole







I shared yesterday, that I would be meeting with a hospice vet to make a plan for our aging Basset. It was an incredible experience. Not only was this woman extremely knowledgeable, but she had many creative ways for us to keep her comfortable. The main issue is her mobility. Today, Brian will be making a ramp for her that will alleviate steps and hopefully make going in and out easier. It all unfolded in such a natural way because I was willing to acknowledge that we are getting closer to letting her go. But, for now, we can enjoy each moment with her until it is time. By not denying that her life with us is close to the end, it allows me to embrace the grief.

I am so grateful for my ability to not sink into a pit of denial. Denial serves no purpose but to give a fake sense of security. It clouds what is real and provides a fictional story to take its place. I am watching a vast majority of people get sucked into that black hole when it comes to this pandemic and the current Black Lives movement. Denial is like a cult. It brainwashes you, but, at some point, it will no longer serve a purpose and the discomfort starts seeping out in all directions. Been there. Done that. Have the T-shirt to prove it.

My annoyance at people not seeing what is right in front of them has leveled out because I can’t enlighten people that choose to simply ignore reality. But, it isn’t just the implosion of our society that they disregard. Denial carries over into their personal lives. They carry it as a shield so they don’t have to feel. There is no growth potential with that particular state of mind.

What I don’t care for are those individuals who blast me for a social media post or something that I have written in my blog. They want to “correct” me because of their own incredible discomfort. Maybe my words pushed their buttons or perhaps their shield is thinning and lashing out is the only way they can keep up the pretense. Whatever the reason, I don’t veer from my lane. I continue to speak my truth. My advice to those who attack my words, is to simply start your own blog, or feel free to unfriend me on social media. I promise I won’t cry or lose any sleep over it. Instead, I am just going to enjoy the final days of my sweet Daisy.