Square Peg ● Round Hole







Since 2020 has been so AMAZING, my spouse added his colonoscopy/endoscopy to the list of things to do while in a pandemic. I think I have shared that my spouse has a delightful genetic makeup, so unfortunately these two procedures are part of his health initiative. Since I was still recovering from my foot surgery, he had his Mom transport him.

Later that morning, my phone rang, and I had a feeling it would be the doctor calling me regarding Brian. First, let me say, we absolutely love this guy. He has the best bedside manner and he is very thorough.

I answer the phone and we exchange pleasantries. Then he starts asking me about my surgery. Color me confused and a bit amused. He asked how I was feeling, and the type of surgery done. He inquired about my recovery time and was so sweet and supportive that I almost forgot about why he called. Brian. That’s right. He called to tell me about my spouse and his issues. A few minutes into our conversation, I reroute this delightful man into chatting about our primary concern – my spouses’s colon and esophagus. That conversation was very brief as everything look good. He even sent pictures home with Brian. I could have gone the rest of my life not seeing a photo of my husband’s rectum. Just saying.

When I chatted with Brian later, I asked him how our doctor knew about my foot surgery . He shared that once he was wheeled into the OR, the nurse asked him who they should call afterwards, and he told them me. He also shared that the reason I wasn’t there was because I was recovering from surgery. When our doctor heard that, he inquired what I had done, and the nurse said, “Too late” as the anesthesia did its magic. All Brian got out was “foot” and then he was asleep.

Poor Brian. He didn’t get to be the center of attention from his own outpatient procedure. That’s okay. He has another 3-4 years until his repeat performance. Hopefully, I won’t steal his thunder the next time .