Square Peg ● Round Hole







The true spirit of Christmas lies with the little children.   Once they grow up it appears to be an unimaginative period where I rack my brain to buy items that might ignite some excitement.   Both of the boys are beyond the latest video games.  They both yawn at the idea of clothes (even though they are still getting some) and the ideas that I have dancing in my head are beyond my budget.   To entertain myself during the actual opening of presents, I make them play charades and Brian has to act out the gift.   They hate me for it, but it really is the gift that keeps on giving to me.

Bailey is probably the most difficult to buy for simply because he never asks for anything.  Okay, that isn’t true.  He is constantly asking for notebooks as he and his best friend, Sam are in a “band” and I guess they write songs.  Even when he was younger he would ask Santa for a firetruck and basketball.  Seriously, we have an inventory of balls (no pun intended from the home built of testosterone).   But, I found a gift for him that made him go crazy with excitement.    Bailey loves WWE and the actual show would be before Christmas, but I didn’t care.  I don’t understand the fascination with wrestling and I certainly have no desire to see it, but the WWE Holiday Tour was coming to our city and I almost wet myself over the prospect of finally getting him a present that would finally take the place of the almighty notebook.   I find myself in competition with myself to surprise those I love.   It’s fun.  In fact, I prefer to give instead of receive.    Okay, I digress.

I was able to secure seats near the ring and contacted my nephew, Caden, to accompany him.  He loves wrestling and they enjoy their time together, so it was a win-win.    Yesterday, Caden picked him up.  We decided to surprise him with the event, so as he left, Bailey thought he was just hanging out with his favorite person for the day.    I was eager for him to get home.   There is nothing better than the excitement someone you love gets from a surprise.  Sure enough, when Bailey walked in the door, his grin was the perfect storyteller.   He was chatty about all the details especially about how surprised he was and that the ring was “right there”  and he saw all of the action up close and personal.    Mission accomplished.   The best was the hug I received and the acclimation “you’re the best mom ever”.    Awww……I will take it since I will probably annoy him at some point in the future.

I love the challenge of surprising the people in my life.   I am eager to see the smiles, the joy, and the pure euphoric spirit in which the recipients respond.   It brings me happiness and that is truly the only gift that symbolizes the spirit of the season.