Square Peg ● Round Hole







Last night, we celebrated my spouse’s birthday with his mother. My belly was full and I was anticipating the reunion with my pajamas as we drove home. Inching closer to our driveway, we noticed something hideous at our door….solicitors. Anything that delays me from snuggling in my bed with my comfy pajamas is enemy number one. I looked at Brian and said, “go around the block”. At this point I felt like we are on an operative mission. As they trudged to our next door neighbor’s home, we took a brief tour of our neighborhood and then headed back to our home. Cautiously, we approached our driveway for the second time. They were reluctantly leaving our neighbor’s looking for yet, another victim. I just knew they were going to catch us before we made it safely indoors, so I whisper-yelled,” Go! Go! This is not a drill !” Now, Bailey moves at a snail’s pace. Not to knock my special needs kid, but you simply can’t rush him. In fact, he will say, “Don’t rush me”. Imagine my surprise when he darted from the car as we raced to get the door open. I couldn’t be more proud of the hustle that he showed. We escaped the dreaded people that were soliciting either a politician, religion, or cable. Maybe all three.

Once I got reunited with my best friends aka my glorious pajamas, I received a text from my youngest. He is on the road with WKU’s football team. The text was a picture of the dessert he was enjoying with his student athletic training friends, as they celebrated his birthday a day early. It was at that moment it hit me. Today, I officially have no teenagers. Both of my kids are in the grips of their twenties. How did that happen? Brian and I are way too young for that shit. Look, I am not one of those Moms who misses when their kids were crapping themselves. I don’t miss that Bryce, for the first three years of his life, decided that sleep was overrated. I really don’t miss carpool or school projects. I will say that time eluded me. But, the good news is that I was present for all of it. While I don’t get to celebrate with him in person today, I do get to watch him in his element as he rocks being a student athletic trainer for his college’s football team. Life isn’t a drill people. Whether it is escaping solicitors or celebrating the birth of my child, I am invested, present, and committed.