Square Peg ● Round Hole







Have you missed me? Since getting the puppy, I find myself napping when she naps. This middle-age woman is too old for this shit. Anyway, between promoting my new book, My Turn, (links to purchase on my website www.authorallisonjones.com) and crate/potty training an extremely active eleven week old puppy, I am on empty. I left the egg beaters in the pantry instead of the refrigerator. Clearly, I am not competent at this moment.

In the clutch of all of this, I got sucked into reading reviews for my new book. Most were very kind with all of the aspects they enjoyed, but some are extremely hurtful. I’m not sure why I venture down the rabbit hole, but I allowed these negative words to suck at my soul. Then I began to question the validity of what they said. Stop. The. Madness. They are entitled to their opinion, however, most readers don’t understand that reviews impact readership. Amazon is a complex vehicle. Star ratings fuel the bottom dollar. The more reviews and positive feedback, the better the sales and vice-versa.

I understand if a reader can’t relate to the characters or perhaps the story isn’t interesting, but I wish they would strive to formulate a review that has some positive takes as well. The one review that had me laughing called my story “silly” and “not worth the time”. Of course, my story is silly. It’s light, funny, and has a drag queen with a gambling problem. It’s fiction, so many things might not be believable. That’s the beauty of an active imagination.

My request may fall on deaf hears, but when reviewing books, be kind. These writers spend countless hours drowning in a story that begs to be told. It is a grueling, frustrating, and extremely tedious process. We go through long spaces where our characters have wandered off leaving us with blank pages. We have publishers telling us that it isn’t good enough or that they like it, but want to overhaul it.

I’m not under the illusion that everyone will love my books. However, I am mindful that what I do puts me in a vulnerable light and that this community of artists deserve respectful, thoughtful insights. Constructive yet kind.

I am one of many striving to position myself in a very competitive atmosphere. My books are an extension of myself. I write for me, but I want to share it with the others because it’s special and worthy. I want to provide an escape where all the worries that are carried evaporate while my story is being read. The world is a better place with books.