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Body image has always been an issue for me.   The funny thing is that it has never been as conventional as you read about it.  You see, even at my heaviest, the mirror always showed me a thinner version.  Funny, my perception may have been distorted.  It wasn’t...


Life is a celebration. Really, if you think about it, everyday that we draw breath is a sheer sign of God wanting and needing us to rejoice in the day. Each day presents its own challenges because life indeed is one large challenge. However, those obstacles that...

Finding Each Answer Ridiculous = FEAR

I hear so often people talking about how bad fear is and how fear can hinder ones progress.  For me, fear is a motivator.   Let’s spin this. I like to think of  FEAR as  (Finding Each Answer Ridiculous).  You see, when fear rears its overzealous head, each...

My Apology to my Blog

Dear Blog,I am deeply sorry for neglecting you.  Life took a hold of me in a death grip that kidnapped me from my commitment of using your blank canvas as an expression of myself.     There are not any excuses good enough to share, but do know that I am back.  Fully...