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The Wow Factor

I never knew until I had kids, how much I would be impacted by these small humans.   I incorporate my life lessons in my parenting, which may come off as lecturing, but I am a firm believer of the action plan.   Children don’t really listen.  It is the reality,...

The Pang

I had “the pang” yesterday.   The pang, for those of you who are unaware, is that feeling of dread, fear, anxiety that essentially takes your breath away until you realize that what you are scared of is not real.   Raising a son with Down syndrome has...

Out of the Box

As a writer, I am most comfortable hiding behind my laptop.  It allows me to do what I do best in the privacy of my own home.   So, imagine my shock, when I was asked to do a public appearance in relation to my column.   WHAT?!?!?!   Crazy, isn’t the word that...

The Inner Experiment

Sometimes, I think I am a chemistry experiment.   As various “ingredients” aka situations are mixed together, there is bound to be a reaction.   The reaction is either explosive or fizzle.   I prefer the fizzle.  In the past, I was always the explosive...

Eyes Wide Open

We all have a story that we are in the process of creating.   Part of my story, is raising a son with Down syndrome. I don’t believe in coincidences, instead  I love the reference of Godincidences.  I had situations that, in my opinion, gave me a foreshadowing...